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Exploring Fruit Preservation through Peaches- Sun, Aug 19, 1-4 PM

Join me to learn about canning, drying and freezing fruits. We’ll be tasting and comparing peaches that have been preserved by drying, freezing, and canning, and we’ll sample peach jam made with various different pectins. We’ll look at the time commitment and equipment needed for each preservation method and we’ll do some hand’s-on canning of peaches using the time-saving steam canner. The $50 registration fee includes a pint of canned peaches and a tote of Scott Farm’s fresh peaches.  My harvest preservation books will be available for purchase at the class.








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I love teaching!  Whenever I lead a workshop or class, I like to make sure that we all have a chance to meet and greet -- and then eat!  We form an instant community where making food and sharing and evaluating the end results are as important as the techniques I teach.

Mother Earth News Fair

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

September 14 to 16

I'll be hosting workshops on Making Crisper Pickles and Rendering and Cooking with Animal Fats on the Real Foods Stage.

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Sunday, September 30, 7 PM

No Fear Pressure Canning

Craftsbury Public Library, Craftsbury, VT

Pressure canning is the only way to go when you want to preserve stocks, meat, and low-acid vegetables. This is the one preservation technique where you must follow established rules and techniques to ensure the safety of the foods.  What is the technique to follow?  What are the necessary steps to ensure safety? What kind of results do you get?  I'll demonstrate how to use a pressure canner and we will taste some results.


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