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It’s almost here!!! The Fat Kitchen: How to Render, Cure, and Cook with Lard, Tallow, and Poultry Fat will be published on November 13 — just in time to improve your pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas and your potato latkes for Hannukah! Here are links to some places where you can pre-order the book:

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With fall in the air, the cooking season has begun, and I’m happy to turn to soups and stews for a change. But what a Mediterranean summer it was in northern Vermont! My last (?) batch of tomato paste is simmering in the slow cooker and the green tomatoes that were picked before the frost are slowly ripening in a box in the dining room. I’m still cooking with zucchini and using up cucumbers in salads. The everbearing raspberries are giving us a handful or two every few days. Soon I’ll be harvesting the winter squash and planting next year’s garlic.

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