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Richard Ruane & Beth Duquette

Great food deserves great music, and I am the luckiest cook of all because I am married Richard Ruane, a terrific musician who performs with Beth Duquette. When I met Richard, he was in a band called Feast or Famine. It has been mostly feasting since then.

Ripton Community Coffee House

Another music link, this time to a monthly coffeehouse series, which Richard and I (among others) founded and keep running. Not surprisingly, my job revolves around the kitchen, organizing (and baking) the refreshments and providing dinner and hospitality to our guest musicians. Many of my recipes have been field-tasted by concert goers and musicians. Among the folk musicians, there are a surprising number who would rather talk about food than music (at least with me).

Farmers' Markets

I am a regular shopper at the Middlebury Farmers’ Market. If you’ve never been to a farmers’ market, you should find one near you and go! Farmers’ markets are more than just a shopping opportunity. They are about community, often with music, crafts, and petting zoos. This website will direct you to one near you.


Storey Publishing

Storey Publishing has published a number of my cookbooks. They specialize in how-to books and country living skills. From gardening to beer-making, I have gained a lot of my knowledge from books published by Storey.


Quarto Publishing is the home of two of my cookbooks: The New Vegetarian Grill and The Roasted Vegetable.

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A Girl Walks into a Bar, a short story, is available on line at Green Mountains Review.

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Another short story, The Rooster, has been published by Medusa's Laugh Press in an anthology entitled Twisted.